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How Can A South Auckland Estate Lawyer Help You

WillEstate planning is part of the bigger field of legal activity known as Elder Law. It is a very complex area involving legal advice regarding personal care, asset management and the estate of a deceased person. There are laws which govern what happens upon and after a person’s death, specific procedures in place for the varied details of winding up both the personal and the business affairs of the deceased. Much of the work of handling the estate for a deceased person can be made simpler by having a Will and Testament drawn up while the person is still alive. It may seem like rather a mammoth task to find a South Auckland estate lawyer who you can trust to organise these things for you.


The Role of a South Auckland Estate Lawyer

A South Auckland estate lawyer will have a very varied role which can include many facets – protecting your assets, making a Will, making or defending any claims made against an estate, paying any relevant taxes and dispersing the residue of the estate to the beneficiaries.


Expert administrators and estate lawyers are able to explain any liabilities and responsibilities you may have. They are also able to acquire formal administration from the High Court if necessary – Letters of Administration and Probate for example. This can help to pay off any estate debts, bring in assets, the filing of tax returns and distribution of estate assets to beneficiaries in accordance with the wishes expressed in your Will.


There is much more to estate planning than merely drawing up your Will however. It involves creating legal documents and overseeing processes which will be followed after you pass. This will ensure that any assets will be distributed among loved ones as per your wishes.


This is especially crucial for anyone who is, or has been married and has children from dual relationships. Self-employed people should also consider this very carefully. Professional estate planning can help to protect your loved ones from financial uncertainty and potential legal problems after you have passed away and prevent creditors from disputing your personal assets.


Estate Lawyers’ Roles

South Auckland Estate LawyerIt is very often the case that people appoint family members and friends to be executors of their Will. These people will usually be unfamiliar with the laws and responsibilities, so it is down to the estate’s lawyer to give the necessary guidance through the whole process. This can make what is always a very emotionally draining time so much easier to navigate.


These services may include (but not limited to) obtaining probate and administration of the estate.


It is essential that you find someone who can negotiate on behalf of yourself and your loved ones, guiding you through these very personal and delicate matters with professionalism and compassion. A knowledgeable estate lawyer should have the necessary compassion and experience to guide you through the many potential potholes with the sensitivity you deserve. Professional estate lawyers should be able to make the whole process as easy and uncomplicated as possible.


Planning your estate should be reviewed and revisited on a regular basis as you acquire new assets or have a change in financial circumstances, in order to keep everything up to date regarding any taxation changes and amendments to legislation.


If you need a South Auckland estate lawyer to help plan and execute your estate, consider McVeagh Fleming in Manukau.

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