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Friday, May 22nd, 2015

HD Stock Footage Can Help Reduce Costs and Save Time in Video Production

Stock hd video footage

Stock hd video footage

When you are making a film, be it a documentary or video, what you have is some ideas, a storyline and probably some actors or sets. Film making or shooting a video is no small affair, and can require large budgets, to get people, equipment and other arrangements to get the required footage. It is also well known, that the finally edited version of any completed production is just a very small part of the total footage shot.

In order to make such productions feasible and economical, HD stock footage can go a long way into completing the required length of the film and greatly help to reduce final costs. It can also save a lot of time, as certain things like documentaries on wild life, if shot as originals, may mean spending a lot of time, pursuing the animals and waiting patiently till situations that you need shown in your film, actually occur. At times, this can take days and weeks, during which your costs for making the film do keep going up. It makes far more sense to look at stock footage that has been actually recorded already, has what you want depicted, and add it into your footage to put together the required storyline.

A lot of costs are then saved, because you do not have to incur traveling costs, the being on location costs, and other costs that such shooting may entail. Most stock footage nowadays is available in very high definition and can make for very good additions to your own footage. You can download such HD stock footage from the web sites like of people who have it on offer, and present day broadband speeds, make it a very simple affair. You can spend a lot of time, going through the various clips that people selling such footage have on offer, and most of it will be properly categorized, so that you can easily view pieces of video that are of interest to you. Payment options are many and can be as per your convenience. You may be required to give accreditation for this footage in your own production, but see this more as an attempt by the company giving you the footage, to get additional advertising for their products.

It is not uncommon for many people who produce videos as a career or hobby to solely depend on stock footage for completing their entire productions. This allows them to come up with good story lines and then put together stock footage from various sources, to completely allow them to portray what they want to. With HD commercial footage you can get historical clippings, scenery and vistas and a lot of other things. It even allows people who have no experience or knowledge about video shooting to put together a clip that shows all the hallmark of having been shot by professionals. You will however, need to have some knowledge of editing, which in this day of computers and other sophisticated media equipment is not too difficult. You may even find it easy to find professionals who can do the job for you, once you have purchased the necessary stock footage that you feel meets your needs.

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