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North Shore plumbing for blocked rains

Saturday, July 25th, 2015

What To Do If Your Drains Are Blocked

Blocked pipes are the leading factors to messy and smelly water. At times, a blocked pipe might allow water to pass through but in small quantities. However, still this will cause water to smell and become unbearable to people closer to it or the one using the pipes to drain water waste. If this is left unchecked, it can lead to serious and hazardous problems such as air pollution, diseases and much more.

It is understandable that unless you are a plumber, it is hard for you to know where the blockage is. Therefore, the question is; what should you do if your drains are blocked and you are not a plumber? Well, first it is equally important to know that there are two types of drains. These are privately owned and Public owned.

Privately Owned Drains

Privately owned drains belong to you as the consumer. If your drains block, it is your responsibility and yours alone to locate and fix the problem. If the problem is privately owned, you will have to call a professional and experienced plumber to fix the problem.

Every home has privately owned drains that run from your home’s kitchen sink, bathroom sinks, toilets and any other drains located within your property boundary. It does not matter the type of building you are living in such as flats, privately owned or shared home complex, any drain within the property boundary is privately owned.

Public Owned Drains

Public owned belong to the Auckland city council. If this drain is block up, it is not your duty to fix the problem. Your duty is to report the issue to the relevant body in charge of drainage on the North Shore.

Public drains are pipes that start from any property boundary to the sewer plant. A majority of these pipes runs from a property boundary, through road pavements to main drainage pipes and then to the sewer plant.

How To Identify A Blocked Drain

The first thing to experience is slow movement of water waste. If you leave this unchecked, the pipe will block completely due to accumulation of wastes particles. In any home, the kitchen sink and bathroom are at a higher risk of blocking. The reason behind it is that; the sink may be blocked by food particles when washing and the bathroom may be blocked by hair, small chucks of soap and others.

What To Do If Your Drains Are Blocked

In most cases, blocking occurs in drainage joints. However, at times this may not be the case; and happen anywhere. If you notice a blockage in the drainage system, you should:

  1. Force The Blocked Water

Try forcing the water with an air pressure pump drain. You may help unblocking your drain. However, this tool is best used if the blockage is almost to the mouth of your drain.

  1. Call A Professional Plumber

It is important to call a professional to do the work. This way, all risks of flooding would be minimised. At the same time, they will locate the problem and know what the cause is. You will receive detailed advice on how to prevent more flooding problems in the future.

If you have blocked drains North Shore plumbers, Heron Plumbing can help. They are Master Plumbers and Drainage members so are trained to the highest level. They also have multiple plumbers rather than being a one-man band so you should be able to get a plumber to fix your blocked rains a lot faster.